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Urban Legends: the Site

A fansite for the Urban Legends crossover universe.

Urban Legends Universe Timeline

First, the shows involved:

AW: Airwolf.
G: Gargoyles.
SG: Stargate: SG-1.
G:tS Godzilla: the Series.
TS: The Sentinel.
TSR: TSR AD&D system, specifically Forgotten Realms drow supplements.
SIOT: Something Is Out There.
RGB: The Real Ghostbusters.
SD: Seven Days.

T: Tremors - the movies.
:Mutant X.

JAG, the Invisible Man, and Daredevil have turned up as well.


Now, the timeline to date.

Tinker, Tailor, Soldier... (AW/G) How Moses might have rescued Archangel, one night in East Germany.

Lost In Translation (SG) Ever wonder what would happen if a Goa'uld misread hieroglyphs?

Posted on the Monitor(G:tS) Little yellow notes. We see them on every episode. Don't you wonder what's on them?

Breaking the Jesses (AW/G:tS) What might have happened over California during G:tS "Monster Wars".

Site Omega: Aftermath (SG/G:tS) SG-1 in the wake of "Monster Wars"... H.E.A.T. leaves a trail, if you know where to look.

Out Of The Woodwork (SG/multiple) Amazing what pops up after an alien invasion....

Innocent Bystander (SG/G:tS) Dr. Daniel Jackson wanders off the beaten path - and into one of H.E.A.T.'s "typical days". During and after G:tS "Wedding Bells Blew".

Twist of Fate (AW/TS) The Fates try to give Jim and Blair a "typical" vacation... too bad they're on Hawke's turf.

Untwisting (AW/TS) Epilogue to "Twist of Fate".

Gryph's "Deep Water" (G:tS) Insert the events of Gryph's "Deep Water" Universe; break off just before "Gambit".

Takes place simultaneously with

Of Night And Fire (AW/TS) An old nemesis stalks Archangel and the last survivors of a Peruvian mission.

Talking With Wolves (AW) Settling the fallout from "Of Night And Fire".

Building Bridges (AW/G:tS) A meeting between two spies.

One Night in Cascade (TS/TSR) You can find almost anyone in Cascade's Chinatown - even a denizen of the Underdark....

Wairwolf (AW/SIOT) Not all Hollywood monsters are fantasy....

Shades of White (AW) Dealing with the fallout from various episodes, and "Of Night and Fire".

Wild Things (AW/SIOT/G/TS)A seminar in L.A. can be hazardous to your health....


Urban Legends (G:tS/G) Alligators in the sewers? They should be so lucky.... (Occurs instead of Gryph's "Gambit".)

Night of the Tentacle (G:tS/G) (Words: 10431) (Published: 6-29-01) It's a bad night for everyone... especially the Weird Sisters....

Bloodlines (G:tS/G) Good intentions can have deadly results... Tag for "Night of the Tentacle".

A Swing and a Miss (G:tS/G) Secret agencies should not try to snatch mutation biologists.

Tag (AW) Games over Edwards.

Nothing Could Possibly Go Wrong (G:tS/G/ RGB /SD) Winter has a plan. Demona has a plan. Together they just might take over the world...

By Its Cover (G:tS/G/ RGB /SD) Elsie's POV, in a bit of "Nothing Could Possibly Go Wrong" we didn't see.

Picking Up The Pieces (G:tS/G/ RGB) "Missing scene" to "Nothing Could Possibly Go Wrong" - just before HEAT gets back to Staten Island

Learning to Fly (SD /G) Follows "Nothing Could Possibly Go Wrong".

Desert Fox (AW/G) A midnight rescue draws gargoyles to the Valley of the Gods.

Out to Launch (G:tS/SG) Janet Fraiser discovers just about anything can turn up on a Florida vacation....

Settling In (AW/G) New jobs, new neighbors, new trouble.... Sequel to Desert Fox.

Playing With Fire (G:tS/G/ RGB) Late-night experiments can leave you singed....

Sneaking (AW/SG) The Wolfpack takes a hard look at Cheyenne Mountain.

Gathering Shards (AW/ SG/ RGB) Where do you take a grieving clairvoyant?

While There Is Life (SG) AU epilogue to "Forever In A Day"; what if Amaunet set it up from the start?

Dust Off (AW/SG) Rescuing an errant archaeologist.

Lakeside Thoughts (AW) Why was Sinjin missing, all those years?

Seek (AW/SG) Sam's POV. Searching for answers - and pilots. Follows "Dust Off".

Visits (AW/SG) Picking locks, and chicken pox.

Lessons in Keys (AW/SG) A week in foster care - Daniel's POV.

Spies Like Us (AW/SG) Investigating the Russian Stargate facility, past and present intersect. Sequel to Visits.

Night Music (AW/SG) Handling nightmares - Tok'ra and otherwise.

Shrink (AW/SG) Mackenzie has a small problem.

Closer Than They Appear (AW/SG) Jack sees an unexpected life when he stumbles through a quantum mirror.

Heart and Soul (AW/SG) Even Tok'ra have legends about Earth....

Rooftops (G/Daredevil) Hudson, a blind lawyer and conversation.

Zen and the Art of Ferreting (AW/JAG) Clayton Webb has a really bad day.

Acquainted with the Night (G/Daredevil/TS) A murder witness vanishes - into Cascade.

Justifiable (G:tS/G) Staten Island; sanctuary after a cop's worst day. (Occurs some unspecified time at least a few months after previous stories.)

Conference Calls (AW/G:tS) A peaceful scientific conference in Acapulco... until HEAT shows up.

These stories are not technically part of UL - just fun.

After Shock (T /MX) Brennan gets way off the beaten path in Nevada.

Ink (AW/ Invisible Man) Two agencies. One satellite. One bunch of bad guys. Trouble.


All of these stories can be found on; I also have available the fanzines "Urban Legends", "Bite of the Wolf", and "Welcome to Earth!"


What's New?

5/9/2003 - Still Under Construction. Timeline's up, though.
7/2/2003 - Bits edited. Some more fanfic up here. Like the pic? Evil Overlady's work!

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